I like the idea of supporting my local hobby shops when possible, however I’ve found the selection of items they carry to be rather limited and often, when they do carry what I want, its out of stock. As an alternative I’ve been doing the bulk of my shopping on the internet and specifically with Fifer Hobby Supply. I originally started ordering from them through Google searches where I found the prices to be very competitive and the selection perfect for my interest in N scale. After a while it dawned on me that since they are located in Las Cruces, New Mexico and that I pass through there once or twice a year on my way to visit relatives in California, I could save a bunch of money in shipping costs if I could just pick up my order in person. I shot off an email to Mike and Robin Fifer, the owners and operators of Fifer Hobby asking if my wife and I could drop by. Not only did they give us a hearty “Come on down!’ but overwhelmed us with the warmth of their hospitality. While Robin and my wife sat in the shade of the front porch sipping iced tea, Mike showed me the operation. Wow, I was impressed! Not only does Mike carry everything advertised on the web site, but he is extremely knowledgeable about each product. And talk about “walking the talk”, just check out his layout on the web, The Albuquerque Carnuel & Tijeras RR – its amazing!  We have now been stopping by for the past couple of years and each time I save up questions for Mike who is more that willing to help out a beginner like me.  I highly recommend Fifer Hobby Supply, not just for the great prices and super fast response, but because Mike and Robin are just great people. Use Fifer Hobby next time you need something – you won’t be disappointed.