An O Scale Switching Layout

Helotes Switching Company Serving Helotes, Texas Industrial Area

Month: October 2018

END SW-1500 Diesel Electric Switcher Locomotive

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The second locomotive on the Helotes Switching Company layout is the SW-1500. The EMD SW-1500 was a 1,500 hp (1,119 kW) Diesel-electric locomotive intended for switching service and built by General Motors’ Electro-Motive Division between June 1966 and January 1974. 808 examples were constructed.

ALCO RS-27 Diesel Electric Road Switcher Locomotive

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One of the two locomotives on the Helotes Switching Company layout is the RS-27.

The ALCO RS-27 (specification DL-640) is a diesel-electric locomotive built by ALCO between December 1959 and October 1962. Only 27 examples were manufactured. With ALCO’s introduction of the Century Series line, the C-424 (specification DL-640A) replaced the RS-27 in the builder’s catalog. Today, the Minnesota Commercial Railway has the only two RS-27s left in existence, both operational. Four of the original demonstrators (#’s 640-2 through 640-5) were purchased by the UP in September 1961 and numbered 675-678. They were retired by the UP in 1971.

There is an older review of this MTH engine in the 2002 issue of Classic Toy Trains.

Assembling The Modules

The legs are easily attached to the module with the included screws. The legs lock in the down position and can be easily released for folding up,

All screw holes are pre-drilled, Note the mechanism for locking the modules together. An Allan wrench, inserted in the hole in the top or bottom of the module is used to lock things tightly together.

A power drill is a necessity!

The legs fold up for transporting or storing.


A Modular Baseboard Table System

Kam Konnect – A Modular Baseboard Table System. Modules are dimensionally stable that will not warp or sag. Kam Konnect selects hard-woods while integrating plywoods that resist warping to allow heavier loads on top of modules. Kam Konnect modules won’t sag like a sway back mare. Kam Konnect modules rapidly & easily join other Kam Konnect modules using our patent pending method. This ability to join modules tightly together in three dimensions strengthens tables and joints such that proper track installations do not require rail joiners.

I am using two 30″ x 30″ modules  connected to two 30″ x 48″ ones with a 30″ x 30″ corner connector to form an “L” shaped layout.

Hardware for mounting the fold-down legs.

The four foot module in its shipping carton.