Since this is an O-Scale layout I wanted the surface to be solid so I installed MDF board onĀ  each module. I hinged them so I could easily work on the wiring rather than crawl underneath. I used standard door hinges from the local big-box hardware store. I have found that once I finished the wiring and tested everything I would rarely need to mess with it again. My prior N-Scale layout used thin plywood for the surface. I also had remote switches controlled from a control panel. This current layout only has manual Gargraves switches. This means the only holes in the surface are feeder wires to the track.

Three hinges to each 4 foot module. I found that without the other modules connected for stability that it had a tendency to tip if I opened the top too far. Be warned if you try this!!

The track comes right to the end — no joiner track. This works well with the big O-Scale engines.

A good view of the end of one of the 4 foot modules. The ratchet locking device and the alignment holes are visible in this photo.