I’m having new flooring put in the room where the layout resides. This meant moving everything out. Fortunately, it was easy to disconnect the modules and move them temporarily to another room. This is exactly why I decided on building my layout based on modules. Of course I have to admit that the reason I need to put in new flooring (vinyl tile) is because it was difficult to move theĀ  modules on the original carpeting. It should be much easier with the new floor. Here are some “BEFORE” pictures. The “AFTER” will be posted when the installation is done.

The work bench is stacked high with things that will later be stored neatly away…I hope!

Not only was the carpet making it difficult to move the modules even though they were on wheels, it was pretty ugly with a lot of spills.

I have an old mechanic’s tool chest that fits in one of the closets to store my tools. I will probably build some shelves in as well.